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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2019 Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2019 Written Episode

Angoori says me and tiwari are ablaze, vibhu says both of you are been slandered nearby, Angoori says we know its not to get sentimental in broad daylight, Vibhu says great both of you realised,angoori and tiwari begin getting sentimental infront of vibhu,vibhu attempts to request that they stop, however none of them tune in and kiss, vibhu turns out young men hanging tight for them,vibhu slaps tilu, tilu inquires as to why, teeka says you said gathering, malkan says how regarding malai chicken,vibhu begins hitting them.

Anu approaches vibhu for espresso, Vibhu evacuates all his dissatisfaction on her, anu says you are cribbling as though im the one answerable, vibhu says I don’t know,do what you need, anu says you are tired of me,i can see it, gather my sack im heading off to my folks.

Anu calls Meenal and enlightens her regarding heading off to her folks, Tiwari inquires

where to, anu says I’m heading off to my folks for couple of months going out, tiwari begins crying like kid,anu says what is this im simply going for quite a while, to educate vibhu some exercise, Tiwari says you giving him permit to misbehave,and have some good times, anu says not to stress he has no money,tiwari says what are companions for,i mean he will be out of your control,anu says is it im not going at that point, vibhu strolls in and says taxi is here, Anu says im not going.

vibhu says great anu isnt ready to perceive what Angoori and tiwari are upto,but will likewise go frantic seeing my reaction.anu calls vibhu, Vibhu gets her haldi milk,and asks are you upset,anu requests what reason will i,who am I to you, you couldn’t care less about me, vibhu begins kneading her leg,anu says yes break both my legs nobody adores me.

Vibhu on avenues daze collapsed and calls somebody to support him and drop him home, Hapu strolls to him and asks whats wrong, Vibhu says tiwari is such a bac character and furthermore included bhabhi with her,hapu says even I have seen that, infront of my police headquarters, Angoori and Tiwari stroll to them and sign hapu,hapu traps vibhu in talks and requests that he evacuate daze overlay, Vibhu sees tiwari and angoori kiss and keeping in mind that about tk flee gets hit by a bicycle.

Prem takes Vibhu to emergency clinic, prem says did you discover my scooty to pass on, Gupta looks at vibhu, and says its only a sprain, you will be fine in 2 days,vibhu says by what means will I rest even anu is resting, specialist says utilize these backings return when you are fit and 2000 charges,vibhu says prem pay 5000 as compensation.prem hands him cash.

Vibhu cribling and strolling around, he hears Angoori and Tiwari tail him and kiss, and flee. malkan gets some information about perplexity about her folks and Gulfamkalis, badami has something chafing her eye,malkan helping her,vibhu sees them botches them and reprimands them,hits malkan,malkan endeavors to clarify, yet Vibhu listens nothing and hits him.

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