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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2019 Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th February 2019 Written Episode

Vibhu baffled on tiwari and Angooris conduct, Saxena asks him what’s up with him, vibhu says my leg os sprained and im disappointed please leave, Saxena says demonstrate to me your leg and all will be fine, vibhu indicates him leg, Saxena turns it, vibhu yells in torment and after that understands his leg is fine and thanks saxena.

Angoori tells tiwari that she isn’t loving harming Vibhu,tiwari says OK call him we will apologize. Angoori calls him and apologizes, and says I might want to state sorry, if you don’t mind come here,for me,vibhu says alright I will be there for supper.

Malkan crying says this vibhu is doing too much,he beat me as well, tilu inquires as to for what reason is he doing as such, no regard for us, tilu says we were helping a young lady yet were blamed for kissing and got beaten, presently we will converse with him,vibhu

needs to apologize and on the off chance that he doesn’t he should confront us.

Vibhu energized going to tiwari house, young men stroll to him,he embraces them, teeka says we are here to state, vibhu says later,we will go to a spot and you all will love it, we are going to move bar to see Rajo and Khajo move. vibhu leaves, young men go to get dressed.

Vibhu goes along with them for supper, Angoori says I made noodles, vibhu says smelling so lovely yet both of you arent having wheres your fork, Tiwari says we dont eat with fork, Vibhu giggles and says then with hands, tiwari says angoori lets show him. both offer one noodle and kiss. Tiwari says lets have some more. Vibhi feels disturbed, and says I will make move,tiwari says we have rice as well, vibhu says gracious god and leaves.

young men dressed,wait for vibhu, Vibhu strolls to them, and slaps them, tilu inquires as to why now,vibhu begins beating them. Angoori crying, tiwari strolls to her and asks whats wrong, Angoori says bhuri called and she found out about what we are doing, and she got resentful, and is irate. tiwari says ask her not to tell daddy, Angoori says I did however in the event that we proceed sometime they will learn. Angoori gets call from amaji, Tiwari begins yelling,amaji says shut up hear me first,now both of you can stop it,pandit rampal really observed my kundali,its me who ought to have done, angoori says bless your heart.

vibhu having drinks, young men stroll to him, with sticks, and begin hitting him,vibhu stops them and asks whats wrong, young men state wrong is with you, tiwari strolls to them and prevent them from hitting vibhu, tiwari and angoori expressions of remorse and explain why they were acting along these lines, Vibhu says what, everybody sees amaji and pandit rampal in pelus auto, getting romatic.vibhu requests whoes benefits are they doing this.

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