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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Vibhuti gets some R&R for him and daddy, Daddy inquires as to for what reason are we at this hour, and for what reason are you so glad, Vibhu says im upbeat since I conveyed satisfaction and harmony to Angoori bhabhi I fulfilled her, daddy asks what do you mean, vibhu says I generally thought sbe has concealed artist in her and made her move on my drum tunes, daddy gets irate, and slaps him. Vibhu inquires as to why slap,i didn’t prod her, daddy says you did most exceedingly terrible then that,i crave executing you, tiwari goes along with them and says proceed im her significant other she should move on my tunes, Vibhu says not my blame you can’t play drum,daddy slaps tiwari as well, daddy says did you overlook Tiwari I had cautioned you not to do as such, tiwari says I don’t recollect plainly, daddy says she misfortunes control when she hears those tunes, Vibhu says in light of the fact that she is

a conceived dancer,i cannot clarify how great she is,daddy slaps him.

Daddy describes them a story, Angoori had issue with this tune since she was a child, mastram found about it and chose to exploit this situation,he use to continue Playing and Angoori continued moving and trusted Angoori would be his, and multi day came when he hurted his fingers and he couldn’t play and from that point forward Angoori was behind him to play drum,and beat him till he played, he left the tone frightened of Angoori.

Tiwari asks what influenced her to carry on this way,daddy says long story, simply remember you will be in charge of your demise on the off chance that you continue playing it for her,she can even submit murder on the off chance that you do so,both deny playing. Saxena comes and powers tiwari to accompany him learn drum

Angoori sees Anu in overhang and asks what’s going on with she, anu says exhausted sitting home, angoori says couple of more days and you will be great, you will even dance,rest now bye and leaves thinking where is vibhu. Young men strolling around, anu calls them and asks did they see Vibhu,both state no he is any way jobless must meander some place. Saxena gets tiwari home, and says im sitting tight for you and you were having a good time, Tiwari says I was conversing with my dad in law, Saxena says you submitted me a month for drum classes, Tiwari says I abandon duty, Saxena says you can however I won’t,so you won’t dispose of me,you need to go to thos class, Tiwari says I needn’t bother with I wont,saxena removes his belt, and says pick the drum,or else you should confront the results and hits him, tiwari begins rehearsing.

Angoori in garden,vibhu conceals, a person going by asks vibhu for what good reason stowing away, and gives him advices supposing he is unwell, Angoori asks Vibhu whats wrong, vibhu makes proper acquaintance, Angoori says play drum, Vibhu says I cant my fingers are tormenting, angoori deliberately squeezes them and says they are fine play it cmon, I will get you drum here play it, vibhu plays it terrified of angoori, Angoori begins moving, Tiwari hears and hurries to them, and stops vibhu. Angoori yells play cmon, and begins snickering. Vibhu and Tiwari leave terrified.

Angoori bounces in gallery and wakes vibhu, Vibhu gets terrified and asks what are you doing in my room, Angoori says I need to dance,vibhu says anu is dozing I can’t,Angoori alarms him with blade and powers him to play, vibhu concurs

Young men examine about hiw troublesome is police preparing, Tilu says I simply trust Hapu designates us, Hapu strolls to them,Hapu says you are correct your preparation officer has arrived, teeka says some training,,hapu says so what will you do let me know your to do,teeka says clean the toilets,tilu says wash your children mother I mean your children, Hapu solicits what nonsense,tilu says sorry slip from tounge, Malkan says I will rub yoy,Hapu says great you are in right track currently party this evening.

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