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Ladies Special 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update

Ladies Special 21st February 2019 Composed Scene, Composed Refresh on

Jyoti prepares kids as models for photoshoot of their organization’s garments. Mandar goes by road and his companion inquires as to whether he began fitting shop, however everybody go to shopping center to purchase modest and wager garments. Mandar says he has opened manufacturing plant and shopping center garments go from processing plants itself. At home, Meghna asks for Baba to persuade Mandar to let permit photoshoot. Mandar enters and admonishes his kids for missing school and doing photoshoot, soon they will long for move toward becoming saint and courageous woman. Meghna asks not to reprove youngsters. Mandar fixes light and says by what means will they shoot with low lights. Meghna gets glad. Jyoti clicks youngsters’ pics and after at some point discloses to Meghna that without workstation they can’t transfer pics Meghna says she is as of now shy of cash and need to pay compensations, as of now representative took 1500 rs for her dad in-law’s treatment. Baba hears that and clarifies about Pradhan mantra jan arogya yojna by means of which one can get medicinal concealment to 5 lakhs. Meghna says that is an uplifting news for her, she will advise even her representatives.

Prarthana meet Viraj crying at railroad station. Viraj asks the end result for her. She thinks back her dad getting back home intoxicated after music organization dismissing him as they need to sign Prarthana rather, he faults Prarthana for his dismissal and affront. Viraj supports her with his vivacious talk. Prarthana then sheets train and meeting Meghna inquires as to for what reason did she demand to meet her. Meghna says she needs to purchase workstation to transfer her organization’s photoshoot avoiding Mandar, yet does not know which one to purchase. Women around recommend models. Prarthana considers in the event that she gives wrong counsel, Meghna will be stuck in an unfortunate situation like Bindu.

Bindu discloses to Mota pappa that Amar has masterminded physiotherapist for him and he will recover soon. Mota pappa envisions recovering and Bindu leaving home, so he says he needn’t bother with any treatment and will get well himself like holy people. Bindu says they are average folks. Amar brings physiotherapist. Mota pappa finds numerous deformities in physiotherapist and rejects him.

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