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Nimki Mukhiya 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd February 2019 Composed Scene, Composed Refresh on

Scene 1

Sweeti sneaks in her room. Tettar and Ritu get back home. Annaro says what did he say? Tettar says he said nothin will happen to Babbu. Dont stress. Sweeti hears this.

Next morning, everybody is disturbed in the house. Smash reviews Nimki strolling on the phase that way. Mauha reviews what specialist said. She says Nimki was shuddering throughout the night. Tune says my hands were shuddering. I would prefer not to wake her up. Ramla says never figured this would occur. How might she adapt up. Nimki turns out. Tune takes a gander at her. Mono says didi.. Maua says do you need something? She says sustenance. I am eager. Ramla says let me bring nourishment. She takes Mauha with her. Nimki sits with smash and says you didn’t eat either? You needed to take prescription.

Rekha calls her mother and says this house is alwaysunder news. Babu is Nimki’s better half. He laid down with her. Annaro says for what reason did he contact her. Dablo says he assaulted her. Your babbu is an appalling human and you care about that he contacted her? He is a disturbing attacker. Tettar says shut up. How could you. Didn’t you see what nimki did with me? Babbu rendered my retribution. Dablo says so your name is spared now? You are an attacker’s dad forever now. Tettar tosses pots in indignation. Annaro takes him upstairs. Tettar says I sick slaughter you on the off chance that you state a word against Babbu. Dablo says you are the one bold. Precious stone says don’t.. Dablo slaps him. Dablo takes a gander at Sweeti and says this is our family. We are a piece of this. Sweeti says in what manner can a lady be upbeat about this being occurring to a lady? Dablo says and that lady brought forth us. I am sickened.

Nimki eats. Slam takes a gander at her. Nimki says for what reason would you say you are all not eating?? Is it accurate to say that you are not ravenous? Tune says we are eating. Nimki says father would it be a good idea for me to influence you to eat? Nimki influences him to eat. Nimki says would it be advisable for me to influence all of you to eat as well? She influences everybody to eat. Ramla says we will eat. Nimki says for what reason are you crying on sustenance. Please eat. Everybody begins eating. Mono hacks. Nimki says cautious. Tune leaves in tears. He sits in a corner and cries.

Media comes in. They report nimki is having her sustenance. Nimki is assaulted yet these individuals are having a fabulous time. Media asks Nimki how did this occur? The request to play tragic music. they all ask her imbecilic inquiries. Tune says go from here. Mauha says don’t you have any disgrace. for what reason did Nimki fault Babbu? He is regarded. Ramla says I don’t get your meaning? Should she take another person’ name. He says no this is about mukhiya so we came. Nimki says in the event that I wasn’t Mukhiya you wont have come? A young lady is assaulted. Not a Mukhiya.

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