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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th February 2019 Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th February 2019 Written Episode

The scene begins with hirankashyap beating sudhama in resentment. Hirankashyap says I will execute this sudhama, he takes out his hatchet and goes for sudhama. At the point when all of a sudden a column breaks and blasts, Kanha takes symbol of Narsimha and he leaves the column. Hirankashyap is stunned and terrified, he falls on his knees as his weapon tumbles down. Narsimha symbol thunders and picks hirankashyap, hirankashyap battles, narismha puts hirankashyap on his lap again and history rehashes itself. narsimha tears the stomach of hirankashyap and he is slaughtered, as he shouts in agony and passing. Sudhama does pranam and says prabhu, I am so upbeat to have your darshan. Kanha shows up from narsimha symbol and says a divine being dependably ensures his most genuine pupil, sudhama I favor you. sudhama has tears.

In chanderi, yashoda

tells everybody that they will leave. yashoda is stating to kanha, radha and balram that enough of this spot now kanha please. Kanha says yet mother how might we leave the marriage like this? Yashoda says nand’s sister and your auntie, satsua bua has instructed us to go on the grounds that you caused issues for them kanha, for what reason did you meddle in the middle of kanha? Kanha says mother, they are not doing right. Shishupal is driving rukmani to wed him, and that isn’t right. Yashoda says overlook it kanha, we don’t have anything to do with that.

There shishupal goes to rukmani and says rukmani please with me. rukmani says no shishupal, you did what you needed to do however at this point I won’t wed you. shishupal chuckles and says I will perceive how you don’t wed me, he giggles and says I will demonstrate to you how amazing I am. Shishupal takes rukmani with him and powers her, they both sit on the flying winged serpent feathered creature and go. rukmani shouts and says help me kanha, help me.

Yashoda says please kanha, radha and balram we will go now. kanha says no mother, don’t do this, rukmani is calling me for help. Radha says yes yashoda kaki, let kanha go generally shishupal will hurt rukmani. Yashoda leaves kanha and says alright kanha, go and spare rukmani. Kanha balram and radha go.

Balram says radha, please we will stop rukmani’s sibling. Kanha says yes sibling and radha, you go and stop him, I will show shishupal a thing or two. As the winged creature flies, rukmani shouts and shishupal takes her in a volcanic mountain, they head inside and arrive on a precipice shake. Shishupal says rukmani, I will demonstrate to you my forces, I will toss you in this magma and after that check whether kanha can spare you. shishupal snickers.

There balram and radha go to rukmani’s sibling. Balram says what sort of a sibling would you say you are? you are not securing your sister but rather compelling her to wed that pompous shishupal. Sibling says you shut up balram, I am her senior sibling and I am driving rukmani to wed shishupal in light of the fact that I recognize what is beneficial for her. Balram says no you don’t know anything, you should be rebuffed too. Balram and rukmani’s senior sibling battle. Sibling hits balram yet balram handles him and tosses him on ground, he begins beating the sibling.

There kanha comes and says stop shishupal. Shishupal says kanha, you came?! Kanha says leave rukmani. Shishupal says in the event that you venture ahead I will toss her inside the magma. Kanha grins and says shishupal, you said that you are solid and courageous and a manm then men battle one another, they don’t secure themselves by compromising the lives of another person. Come and battle me, show me you are amazing. Shishupal leaves rukmani and says I brought rukmani here with the goal that I could demonstrate her I am more dominant than you, I will battle you and thrashing you as I have been aching to slaughter you.

Precap: Kanha and shishupal battle. Shishupal assaults a bolt on kanha. Kansa is going to bring the wild symbol of mata adishakti.

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