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Patiala Babes 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

Patiala Darlings 22nd February 2019 Composed Scene, Composed Refresh on

Babita hears Laala revealing to Hanuman that he stopped his bike in Minnie’s scooty’s place. She comes up short on house and not discovering Minnie’s scooty recollects Minnnie’s enthusiasm for her bicycle and dealing with it more than herself, they going on a lengthy drive, and so forth. She smolder by what means can Minnie move bike without her consent. Hanuman and Laala snicker seeing her running briskly and leave for police headquarters. Minnie addresses her companion Preet and says she sold her scooty as she didn’t have some other to tackle their budgetary issues for at some point. She keeps clarifying her difficulty. Babita strolls in. Smaller than normal separates call. Babita says she heard everything. Minnie anxiously keeps running in.

Babita educates Nayeem Bi that Minnie sold her bike. Nayeem bi inquires as to for what reason did not she askMinnie why she sold scooty. Babita says she would not like to do without Minnie’s penance by asking it, scooty was her life. Nayeem bi says yes. Their discussion proceeds when they hear Laala contending with somebody, stroll into gallery and see Laala chastening merchant to convey requested uniform on time and seller telling his administrator is on leave and he can’t convey outfits on time. Babita inquires as to whether she can take up director’s activity on the off chance that he doesn’t have any issue. Laala says it is a second rate work. Babita says one which can get 2 suppers daily isn’t a second rate work.

Meeta argues Dadaji not to sign home loan papers and says she thinks about him as her dad and would prevent even her dad from marking papers. Dadaji signs papers saying he is securing his nobility as Ashok purchased this house and he can do anything he desires, I neglected to upbring Ashok appropriately. He returns papers and rejoins pooja. Pandit requests that couples do aarti. Dadaji asks Mita to do aarti with Ashok. Preeth’s mom records their video. In frozen yogurt parlor Minnie and Preet appreciate dessert talking about their school affirmation when Preet sees her mom and Beautiful battling on facebook and appearing and Meeta’s photograph to Minnie says her family is finished presently, even her dadaji acknowledged Meeta account. Minnie breaks hearing that and gets enthusiastic.

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