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Udaan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

Udaan 22nd February 2019 Composed Scene, Composed Refresh on

The Scene begins with Chakor meandering on the streets. She searches for some work. She meets a bistro director and requests work. He says there is no work for you. She says I m much stressed, I need cash, I will do any work. He says I don’t assume you can do any little work. She says I will do anything. He requests that her wash utensils, she will get 500rs for this. She expresses profound gratitude, I will do this. She goes. Sameer and his companion are likewise there. Sameer checks his wallet. Prakash peruses the expensive menu. He gives him cash. Prakash says simply stress for the date, you need to wash utensils in the event that you spend much. He requests that he make the most of his date and go. Anjor comes. Sameer apologizes to her. She says you had smashed a great deal and left only me, I was so terrified. He says no, I recollect that, I was climbing the crane and revealed to I adore you, butyou weren’t there. Anjor demonstrates some irritation. He is prepared to compensate for his nonappearance. She says fine, next time don’t drink liquor.

Anjor’s companion Sonia meet her and go along with them. Sameer says I have no issue, however I surmise this was our time. Anjor says we have whole life for our time. Sonia says indeed, lets request great sustenance. They request numerous things. Sameer stresses. Anjor requests that he request something. He says no, I m not ravenous. He supposes I m gone, I will pay bill and furthermore lose house papers. They take a gander at the nourishment. Anjor says cheddar is so astonishing, you should attempt this. She eats the nourishment.

Sameer grins seeing her. Anjor encourages him with her hands. Chakor is washing utensils. She completes her work and turns out to search for supervisor. Anjor gets Poonam’s call. She says mother is hanging tight for me. She leaves and crashes into Chakor. Chakor faculties her touch and swings to see. Anjor and Sonia leave. Chakor sees the supervisor and goes to him. She says I have done my work, I will leave now. He gives her cash. The server reprimands Sameer for not paying the bill. Sameer guarantees to pay cash in 2 days. Server says he was appearing before his better half. Chakor sees him and reviews. She asks deficiency sum and gives her cash. Supervisor says don’t be enthusiastic, you have earned cash by hardwork. Chakor says its pointless in the event that it can’t support him. Supervisor asks Sameer to go and thank the woman who gave her well deserved cash for him.

Sameer races to Chakor and says you dropped me home yesterday, you helped me once more, we have some association, you paid my bill, much appreciated, for what reason did you do this. Chakor says we have connection of humankind, I need to support you, you look from great family, did you stall out in view of your GF. He says truly, reveal to me your location, I will drop you. She says I have no house, I m hunting down my little girl, I don’t know anything. Sameer says you have no spot to live, still you paid my bill, how might you be so decent, if you don’t mind accompany me. Poonam and Jatin are at sanctuary, hanging tight for Anjor. She stresses a ton. Sameer says you have confronted a great deal. She says helping other people are our Dharm, destiny dependably handles her and breaks her, its fun when we get decided and battle with the circumstance, you return home, I will go. He asks where are you going. She says I will oversee, don’t stress for me, go. He says you helped me, accompany me, remain with me at my home, if it’s not too much trouble give me one opportunity to help. He asks her girl’s name. She says Anjor. He gets stunned and says Anjor, its a decent name. He encourages her and gets her to the sanctuary, where Anjor lands to do puja with Poonam. Chakor goes upstairs. She gets Anjor’s memento fallen on the stairs. She reviews Anjor. She gets upbeat that she will meet her girl soon.

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